Welcome to ArkX!

This is a development focused delegate with Ѧ 1,410,720 Votes at Rank 41 that shares 80% of forging rewards with all voters. Since Sep 9, 2017 we have forged 134,696 Blocks and shared a total of Ѧ 233,631 based on True Block Weight calculations to ensure accuracy down to the satoshi.

Fair Share

The goal of this delegate is to provide voters with a fair profit share while also funding the development and maintenance of existing and new projects for the Ark Ecosystem.

Balance Tracking & Daily Transactions

Each voter has the ability to track their earnings in real time and is eligible to a fair forging reward share and daily transactions that are automated to prevent any delays.

Stable infrastructure

The backup node will automatically boot if the main node is unavailable which takes a minute. If that fails we will be notified within minutes via Mail & SMS that something is wrong so the issue can be resolved.

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