What we have been working on in the past months

Posted on Jul 29, 2018

In the past few months it has been rather quiet around the delegate as I was busy working on a few projects, all related to Ark. My main focus since end of December 2017 was the work on Core 2.0 which was a complete rewrite from scratch. You can check to see some details about what tasks I took on and to see how active and involved I was.

As we prepared to open Core 2.0 to the public I started to work on documentation on and shortly after began to implement the Ark Cryptography in several languages like PHP, Ruby, Go, C# and Elixir. More will come and are currently under development and will increase the availability of SDKs to invite developers from all languages to join Ark and build applications.

I also worked on the new website which went live a few days ago which was a complete rewrite from scratch with a proper design from a designer this time around to provide a better UI. If you find any issues or bugs, please send them them to [email protected].




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