What we are currently working on

Posted on Jul 30, 2018

In the previous post we talked about what we have been working on in the past few months and this post will be talking about what we are working right now and in the future.

Currently we are working on finishing a project that will make it easier for newcomers to find a delegate they want to vote for and get a quick overview of all information that are important to know while choosing a delegate that suites your vision and shares your opinions about how Ark should progress. Beta testing and bug fixing is the last stage we are currently wrapping up and the project should soon be deployed.

After that project is done I have another project lined up of which I build a prototype last year. The goal of the project is to provide a stupid & simple UI for customers to pay while leveraging the full power of the Ark Blockchain under the hood and combining it with payment processor industry standards.

Another project I have been working on is an automated way of handling block reward calculations & transactions directly integrated into Core 2.0. The project is almost finished and is just missing some last tests & refactoring. It ran for a few weeks on a local testnet and has performed well with very large voter numbers that are not expected to be hit until a few years in the future. Check out the repository of the project at

Last but not least, you can check to see all our repositories we have been working on in the past few months which are integrations for frameworks like Laravel & Symfony and a bunch of plugins for Core 2.0 which are still under development as is Core 2.0 itself.

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