ArkX Relaunch

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

Today we did the ArkX Relaunch with a complete new system written from scratch. A few things have changed that we would like to cover in this short post.

Payouts are now done at fixed times. This means that every midnight at UTC payouts will be send out, schedules are still available from daily to yearly. Daily transactions are not eligible for fee coverage.

Profit Share Compounding. Your outstanding profit shares are now included in calculations for future profit shares until you receive a transaction. This means that if you hold 1000 ARK and have 100 ARK outstanding with us, your profit share will be calculated with 1100 ARK for the next forged block.

Authy Two-Factor Authentication. We replaced the Google Authenticator with to provide Two-Factor Authentication. You will be required to enter your country code and phone number to activate it, both will not be stored and are only used once to enable Authy for your device. Two-Factor Authentication is optional!

Transaction Schedule Migration. We have migrated all previous transaction schedule settings meaning that if you had chosen a weekly transaction you will now receive your payout every week at midnight.

Stronger Encryption & Security. In making an effort to increase security the first step was to switch to Authy which will allow you to enable Two-Factor Authentication on multiple devices. The next step was to replace the algorithm we used to encrypt passwords with a slightly stronger one that is todays industry standard. This new algorithm will require you to request an email to reset your password as you will receive a message that your password is invalid when you try to login, this will only need to be done once!

Improved Dashboard & Data Visibility. When we started to develop the new website one big change we wanted to make is to provide more information to you without the need of an account while still offering benefits for having an account. All block, transaction & wallet information is now available without needing to sign up but if you decide to sign up you will gain access to metrics & the ability to claim and manage your wallets.

New Project upcoming. In the next weeks we will have a project upcoming that is currently in beta and is receiving last bug fixes, so stay tuned for that!

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